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About Me

What does one say about themselves?  I could tell you that I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  I could say that I’m my husband’s helper and support.  I could tell you that I have short blond hair and bluish eyes. I could tell you where I live and what kind of house I live in.  I could tell you even more about my children.  And I could tell you some of my favorite things.  So, here it goes:

I am J’s wife and helper. We have been married for twelve years.  We have always had a good marriage by many standards.  I know there is better out there for us and I think that we are discovering just what that better is. We went through a rough patch a couple of years ago and some days I wasn’t even sure I liked or loved him any more.  Now all of a sudden we are reaping the benefits of sticking it out.  I feel like sometimes we have ESP; it’s like he knows what I’m thinking.  I love being on the same page in most areas – parenting, homeschooling, work life.

I am a stay at home mom to seven children, ages 11 and under.  I’ve had 8 full term pregnancies so I am also a mom who suffers the pain of a neo-natal death; our third baby went ahead of us to heaven.  God knows what we can handle, and He has used that experience in many different ways in my life already.  I don’t know if Harvey’s death helped form my passion, but I have a passion to help mothers educate themselves to have the best birthing experience they can.  And I love that each experience is individual to each family.

I homeschool our children.  We are on the unschooling end of the homeschooling spectrum.  My students are not “at grade level” in most of the subjects but I’m okay with that.  I really believe and tend to follow the research by the Moore FoundationBetter Late Than Early.  I’m providing lots of interaction and stimulation.  I see them learning every day.

I love books and learning.  I had stopped reading almost completely for a while.  With the busy-ness of motherhood and many moves in our early years of marriage, there just wasn’t time; I didn’t make the time.  After I took up blogging, I discovered reviewing books and products.  I have gotten back into reading in a couple of ways, in addition to writing reviews.  I want my children to see me read more than just the computer screen.  As you can see on my Good Reads profile, I am reading and waiting to read a good number of books.  In 2013, I have a plan and a challenge to read at least 60 books.  That’s up from the 42 books I read in 2012.

I’m not here to tell you how to “do” your life.  I’m not here to make you think I have it altogether.  My purpose for being here is to share, teach, explain and live my life, my learning, my opinions and my knowledge.  I want to share with you the things I am digging up in Scripture.  I want to share cool finds for homeschooling families.  I want to explain why we do things, and sometimes how we do things.  I believe that knowledge is power and because I think differently than a lot of people on a lot of different topics, maybe my sharing will help you to think a little differently about something than you would have had you never heard my point of view.

So, that’s kinda it – that’s me. You’ll have to stick around to find out more – the issues that get me going and the troubles (and joys) that we face as a family.  If you do, you will learn more about my friends and my church and my support people.  You will learn about our house fire (Feb 2012) and the steps we are taking to rebuild since that time. I hope you will add my RSS to your reader or subscribe by email.

by LaDonna M Harris

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